Counting points when playing Scrabble can be tedious and sometimes riddled with mistakes.

Scorable is a simple tool, that helps Scrabble players to count the score in an innovative and easy way, whilst playing the Scrabble board game.

Scoring Scrabble can be fun

Available on Android and iOS for tablet
or smartphone.


Innovative score keeping

Innovative Recording of player scores

Just "capture/take a shot of" the Scrabble game board with your smartphone or tablet camera after each turn. Scorable does the math for you. Or type your words manually using the virtual keyboard. As simple as it sounds!

Transparent statistics and history

Other advanced

Designed for up to 4 players. You can choose 7 or 8 letters on the rack. Have complete history for the game including the board state after every turn.

Premium version

Check your

Check words against the official Collins Scrabble Words (CSW2015) © Harpercollins Publishers 2015 and solve all those arguments when playing.

Multiplatform compatibility


Scorable runs smoothly on both major mobile platforms.
Get it now for your iOS or Android device.

Scorable mockups
Intuitive and modern design

Intuitive and
modern design

Scorable is fully responsive and follows the path of simplicity and user friendliness. Its sleek, simple and intuitive UI "fits/adjusts to" any type of smart mobile device, that you prefer to use.

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Counting score is boring. Simplify with Scorable!

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